Welcome to Chicago

by Jinryu

Location:Chicago O’Hare Airpor

tTime:October 13, 2010 / 12:05 Montreal time

I’m at Chicago O’Hare airport now, apparently the largest airport in America (maybe the world?).  That’s all good and well, but I think it’s ridiculous that anyone feels the need to charge for WiFi.  How cosmopolitain is that?

It’s been soem time now since I last got onto a plane– the last one was from Vancouver to Montreal.

Everytime I get in an airport, I’m excited. Perhaps this is even more the case for me because most of the miles I’ve flown, I’ve done so alone, and from that perspective, I like not really having to worry about slowing anyone down or pushing them to go faster.

Being at an airport highlights a few things.

One, I need to get out of the house more often– it’s been way too long that I’ve just been slaving away at writing papers or dealing with the madness of work.  I’m frankly not used to the company of so many people anymore, even if they’re all strangers.  I guess there’s no better way to remedy that then to going to Hong Kong, where it’s not even a question of popuilation density– it’s finding the best places to get some air.

It’s gonna be great, I think.  I miss the days of Korea where I could just get lost in a super crowded population, one similar but distinct from my own Canadian Chinese culture.  I like to watch the ebb and flow of those differences, and somehow feel special in how I can see them because I’m an outsider.
Hong Kong will be sometihng compeltely different in many ways.  The first time I went, it was with [Zanshin].  Those were fun times– basically, we were on an extended foodie quest.  Along the way, he almost got hit by a tram car.

This time around, I’ll bei n HK to spend a month with [CM].  It’s crazy, but even though I haven’t seen her in months, it feels as if it was just that she’s been gone for a week or so. There will be things that I’ll have to refresh my memory on, but to which I look forward to: how to watch movies tightly together, how to eat dinner for two, how to make love, and how to wake up to an expectant face.
I have, unfortunately, a fair amount of grad work to do that I’ve brought with me (two assignments due during my vacation) but I’m not worried about that… I’m looking forward to seeing CM and just enjoying my time off!

More to come.