Two Suitcases

by Jinryu

The last few months have really been hell on my system, culminating with the last week or so.  I’m just burnt out, and one night I caught a cold, I think, because I’m just overdoing it.  Yesterday though, I had a moment of reprieve.

Grad work right now consists mostly of me crunching out writing on two things– the first of which is an analysis of the political motivations behind the temporary (it’s been rolled back now) integration of Sharia law tribunals for private rulings in Ontario.  The class on Interpreting Social Theory, will be dealing with the Sharia law debates for another week, and our objective is actually to produce and refine a wiki on the subject.

The second bit is a literary comparison of two books, one on adult education theory as applied to union education, and the other is a semi-autobiographical look at Canadian union culture over the last 30 years.  The material is really engaging; but a side effect of it all is that I go to bed most nights feeling as if my brain is full of lead.

Gotta stay positive though!