Tech Up

by Jinryu

What has technology done for us?

On one hand, I’m told that it’s made peoples’ lives a lot easier.  At some point, people were moving giant stones  to build pyramids with raw human power.  Nowadays, we harness the power of the ooze of dead animal matter to power out construction vehicles.

At the same time though, it’s lead to the industrialism, mostly uncapped.

If you were a shoemaker in the 1600s, you’d be pretty popular: everyone needs shoes!  Either you were making shoes or repairing shoes.  You were part of an essential circle of social life.  Nowadays though, a lot of the circle has gone… well, outside of our circle.  As a result, maybe you own a shop that just repairs shoes now.  But you don’t know much about leatherworking, you probably just buy product from some factory to polish the shoes, some glue made in china to stick soles together…  there are some good shoe people still out there who do things the oldschool way, but mostly, you’re not needed as much as you used to be.

Because technology has taken your trade, your skill, and rendered you obsolete versus the profits and convenience of alternative, technology infused means of production.

You’re part of this problem though– because you enjoy technology.  You like all the convenience in your life, like how things come in shrink wrap, with labels, and how when you’re done with it you can dispose of it.

Is that what the tech was all about?  Throw away convenience?

Do we draw a connection between that trend and the one where, at work, the amount of pride that goes into a trade is less?  There is more division of labour, more erosion of trade skills, lower wages and an increasing sense of disconnectedness between people and their jobs.

But on the other hand… I enjoy technology.  I can’t save everyone.  If people are going to fall behind the times… as long as it’s not me?

I dread the day when I’m left behind.