by Jinryu

In Go/Baduk, there exists a Japanese term– tenuki.  It means that when faced with a problem, sometimes the best option is to ignore it for now and work on another problem.  That’s because the problem immediately in front of you may not have any possible good resolution– it’s resolution depends on a change in other situations around it first.


I really appreciated the concept of tenuki because it adds nicely to my existing techniques of living.

Two others are fire and forget and run and gun.


Fire and forget is like a heat seeking missile.  You lock on a target, you pull a trigger, and then you don’t think about it.  Ideally, you do this while you run and gun– which means, you don’t try to do everything from one place– you have to keep moving.  That means seeking new environments, and new targets.  Ideally, the combination of run and gun and fire and forget means that you keep moving, you keep on hacking away at life, and you keep on kicking ass without taking too much time to pat yourself on the back.

Arnold did it all the time. So did Stallone.


But lately, I’ve been running into a different situation– tenuki is, in some sense, a tactical retreat.  It is fundamentally the opposite of fire and forget, because fire and forget implies that you need not dedicate any more thought: that problem is toast.  Tenuki on the other hand…


While I’m not losing, I just feel like my brain is so tired of juggling… and not winning now.