post number zero

by Jinryu

This site begins as an anniversary present to CM, who made the mistake of saying “I like the Kevin’s writing!”

I say it’s a mistake because flattery, or rather, my ego, has always been the source of all my problems.  Yet, one might argue of anyone, it is thanks to problems that drive, ingenuity an passion spring.

When you’ve been writing as for as long a time (double digit years) and with and with as short an attention span (what? You said what first?) as I have, what happens is that at some point, you look at everything you’ve written and you wonder– what is all this?  This… endless snake of characters flowing from right to left, stacattoed by punctuation, beheaded by carriage returns but survived by the next idea… this is all the process.  This isn’t a product of imagination– this mess is imagination.  What you see is the process.

A painter picks up a paintbrush to show you something on a canvas.  But does the painter show you? Or ultimately, does that in the canvas show you?  You see, the product isn’t the painting– the product is the idea that comes nests itself in your head.  Does it go in the pile of things to keep you warm?  Is it just something shiny?  Is it something soft upon which to lay your eggs?

For Me, one of the major pitfalls of blogging has always been the ease and acessibility of it all.  It remains easy to this day to just shit something onto the screen, no matter how vulgar or useless the idea.  Is that thoughtful? Is it worth recording?

Like my life, the body of my writing is a collection of bastard interests, without the ongoing responsibility of excellence.

Dal Niente is not a fresh begining, but rather, a revisiting of some of the most worthwhile of stories.  Here, I intend to do my best to polish old ideas from dinner napkins to loose leaf.  What I’m trying to do here is make some sense of my ideas, and tell you, my new audience, about them– so that you don’t need to know who I am to understand my eccentricities.

I started this site because falling in love with CM happened dal niente.  And from that came everything.

Here shall tell you the stories I’ve collected in between the void and the fullness.