She’s givin’ it all she can, Cap’n!!

by Jinryu

“[Jinryu], it’s about 25 degrees in Theatre 6! And the humidity… god…. Check with boiler room, and try to get the temperature down to 19!! We’re dying in here!” Theatre 6 is the General Surgery operating room. Just a half hour ago, Theatre 4 was also getting way too much heat. I called down to engineering—er… the boiler room– and asked if they could drop the heat in 6.


“Impossible!!” comes the cry in French, shouting over other panicked voices. [Cell], the boiler room dude, explains hurriedly that nobody is getting any cool because the whole hospital is operating on maximum cooling capacity… if we try and generate any more cool, we’re going to blow the coolent systems completely.


“Elle fait d’son mieux, P’tron!!!” (“She’s giving it all she can, Cap’n!”)