Lunch at 3AM

by Jinryu

Time: 6:53AM December 13th
Location: stillll @ work
Batteries: 50%
Morale: šŸ™‚

[Paladin] flung me a text message at a bit before 2am this morning, wondering if I was up for some gaming. I replied that I was, unfortunately, at work, but if he wanted, he could join me during my ‘lunch break’ from 2:30AM until 4:40Am and we could have a coffee at Moe’s down the street.


So it was that at about 2:40AM, he and I were sitting at Moe’s, which is a place I really like. Friendly service. Open 24 hours.  Food there isn’t exactly Cordon Bleu stuff, but who can be chosy at 3AM anyhow? It beats a Tim Hortons or MacDonalds anyday.

We started talking about nothing in particular, including how somehow we always find the time to  sit down, he and I, to have these occasional meals.

We shot the shit.  The thing is, I wouldn’t really say that he and I are super close– he doesn’t know the inner workings of my life, nor did we write that much history together in those most influential of college and cegep years.  But I find that he’s someone that I get along with really well– it’s easy to just hang out with him and do something because he’s one of those rare frineds of mine who has his shit in order.  One might say he’s in a truly enviable position: he has a great finance, a job he likes, no debts, and a good sense of humor.

Hanging out with him, the wool of his sheepskin lined collar and fake leather of my jacket lining our respective necks from the draft that would cut in everytime the door would open, was one of those rare happenings that made you feel like a part of something.  Something like a community, though not so big, and still, something like a family, though not so familiar.  Something just casual and comforting in the way that everyone spoke to you as if you’d known eachother for ages.