Poolhall Junkies

by Jinryu

Later on tonight, I’m going to be going with [Supergirl] and two of her friends to play pool.

I think this is probably noteworthy because  on one of our first dates, the third I think, although my memory is pretty unreliable, we actually went to play pool at Sharks.

Thinking that she was actually pretty good at it, and thinking I was pretty bad at it, I prepared myself to be schooled. I told her in advance via email not to expect much, but I was game if she was, lol, haha, and all that nervous dismissive stuff that one uses to try and make things less awkward but which really makes things more awkward.  I remember playing pool with her and thinking a few things:

  • Oh god, it’s so loud in here!  I can’t hear anything she’s saying! How are we supposed to talk like this?  She’s barely talking to me!
  • I had ordered a pint of beer for each of us but she was barely touching hers.  What does that mean?

The fact that we weren’t talking too much about ourselves was really getting to me.  I sorta tried to dimiss my fears by saying that she was just really concentrated on the game, but that wasn’t a very good guess, considering the way the games were going.  And also, the beer: in my head, a girl who couldn’t drink her share was someone who was probably a bit too conservative or stuck up.  After Korea, I was all about meeting people who knew how to get out of their shells and have some fun. And, it was so loud in there that it was hard to really maintain any sorta casual conversation.

In my head, it was a pretty awkward date.

As to the score? After we played pool, I sent her an email late at night from work, and part of it reads:
“I enjoyed playing pool with you, it’s been a long long time since I won 4 games in a row, thanks for sparing my manly pride and letting me win.”

But who would have thought, that things would still work out in spite of it!  Supergirl is just the initially quiet type, and she doesn’t really like the taste of beer.  And she’s pretty awful at pool.  Two out of four of my wins were because she scratched on the 8-ball.

…In spite of it though, she’s all I need to make my day feel complete.  We’re not the two socially inept nervous strangers we were those many months ago.  I couldn’t ask for any other partner tonight.