Work work work

by Jinryu

Time: 8:45pm (Nov 8)
Location: @work
Batteries: 85% (Wohoo for day-evening shifts!)
Morale: đŸ™‚
Shift: From 11:30AM today until 10pm later tonight (in theory).
Because I’ve aleady gotten H1N1 and not died, I’ve been temporarily reassigned to run adminstration and odds and ends in a special section of the hospital.  It’s a combination of fast track patients and flu patients, sorta like a taskforce just to get rid of patients who in addtion to very minor problem, have that dreaded fever and cough that’s the precursor to the common influenzas or H1N1.
It’s pretty cool because normally when I operate out of the Fast Track wing, I’m basically running a small office with no internet and 3 examination rooms.
Now that I’ve been put in charge of the Owen Center, I’m in charge of 6 beds, I’ve got 3 computers, my own bathroom, my own linen cabinets, my own stock room, 2 sinks and 2 examination beds!  I’m not sure what the Owen Center used to be used for but from the looks of it, it’s some sorta renovated observation ward.  It’s pretty much self sufficient, and that’s the way I like it.
Unfortunately, I won’t be here more than just today, since this place is only going to be opened during day-evening shifts, and tomorrow I’m going back on a overnights tour of duty.  This is the ideal kind of place for me to work though– I can keep an eye on patients, it’s got a nice open feeling to it, I can work one on one with a doctor, and I don’t really have to interact too much with the other departments.
I’ve found that’s the way I work best. I suppose that’s why in a way I prefer working during the nights.
I mean, I am a pretty sociable guy. I get invited to events with friends often enough, but more often, I’m the one taking the initiative to ask people out to do things.  I just like being around people for shits and giggles.
Work is a different thing.  I do enjoy the company of having coworkers in the department, but from a work perspective, I really prefer to just do my own thing.  Part of that comes from the fact that I like to abuse the system and get away with all sorts of stupid little things.  My usage of the internet for non-work purposes is just a minor infraction on a list of possibilities and realities of workplace unproductivity.
But, that’s not in the slightest to say that I don’t take my work seriously– I only goof around at work because I work hard and get done what needs to get done.  When I have to rely on coworkers, that just jams me up.
This Owen Center thing is really working out for me because it matches the style of work that I’m best at– that is, solving problems on my own, sometimes by methods that nobody wants to have the responsibility of being aware of.
I am the proverbial Office Space Hero from those Bureau En Gros / Staples commercials.
You’d be surprised at how much of a hospital’s functions are tied up in beareaucratic red tape.  For example, if a triage printer runs out of ink, the system is screwed– without a triage paper, the system grinds to a halt.  So what happens when a triage printer runs out of ink, and we’re all out of spare cartridges?
Step one is to ninja yourself some spares– that is to say, go to a department that doesn’t use their printers very much, and swap those cartridges with your own.  Of course, this is a tempoary fix at best because once they realize that their printers have all these blank streaks over their page, they’ll be like “where’s the new ink cartrdiges?”
So step two is to use the secret “printer head cleaning function” that’s usually buried somewhere in the admin menus, locked away between simple four digit (usually 1234 ) passcodes.  Engage the function, and it redistributes the ink in the cartridge or something, but essentially, you’ve bought yourself perhaps another 50 printouts without streaks.  It’s not a permanent solution, but, it does tie you over on the weekends to survive until the weekday crew shows up and realizes that every last cartridge is bone dry and that they need to start making some orders.
I mean, nobody wants to know that departments steal from eachother.  But, what’s the alternative?  Point fingers at people who didn’t do their job? Get people in trouble?  Besides, if it’s for a couple sheets of difference between departements, who cares– I return the favor anyhow because I’ll swap back cartridges when necessary.  But nobody wants to accept responsibility for these kinds of methods.
And that’s just printers. Don’t even ask what I do with surgical instruments and medication.
All I’m saying is, the hospital has me on their side– and I return the favor when they trust me to work on my own.
Time: 11:35pm (Nov 8)
Location: @work
Batteries: 65% (…….)
Okay, I’ve kinda spent the last 24 out of 48 hours of my life at work. I think it’s time to go home soon…