Just like that

by Jinryu

(Written Earlier Yesterday)

On that thought about internet started relationships…

My schedule, yesterday, October 8th:
00:30 : Start Work
08:00 : Finish Work
08:15 : Arrive at home
09:30 : Fall asleep
10:30 : Get woken up by roomies on their way out
11:00 : Fall back asleep
12:15 : Wake up (15 minutes late, having slept through my alarm!)
12:40 : Finally make it to downtown (only 10 minutes late) to find that thankfully, Supergirl is also 10 minutes late.

“I have a confession to make,” [Supergirl] said as we were walking down Sherebooke, heading east towards Chinatown.

“Uhm.  Okay?” I said, slowing down our walk a bit.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but she was avoiding my gaze, and her face was blushing.  I’ll admit, I half expected her to pull ‘A Mosby’ and say something like “I think I’m in love with you” because, yes, I’d like to think I’m that charming. But who are we kidding.

We kept on walking for a few paces, her collar popped and my hood bunched up by the sides of my neck to keep out the chill, before she said anything.

“So, you know on Sunday,” she began, and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Sort of, anyhow.  She was refering to the small Thanksgiving dinner at her apartment that she’d invited me to, estimated population five, and I figured that nothing could be bad about that right?  “You know one of the people who’s going to be there.”

“Really?  Someone there knows me?” I repeated, more to myself than anyone else.

“Yeah.  Do you remember [Da Vinci]?  You guys went out for dinner the day before you went out with me.”

…. drumroll please….

…..and this is the point where it feels like someone’s dropped a piano on me.  It makes that terrible sound like twisted metal and pandemonium.


If you recall from a previous post,

I went on one blind date before meeting [Supergirl].  It was the day just before I met [Supergirl] and it was a supremely discouraging event– it was the first and last time that I met [Da Vinci].

It was the last time that I met [Da Vinci] because the dinner was so lackluster that I didn’t call her back after that one evening.  I just didn’t have that much fun– there was no connection, no spark, no nothing. 

Well, as it turns out, Supergirl and Da Vinci are close friends.  Da Vinci browses Craiglist ads occasionally apparently and pointed out my ad to Supergirl.  While Da Vinci wrote back first, she eventually convinced Supergirl to try it too just for kicks– and the rest is history.

“Oh man. I feel so…” I stammered, choking on the awkwardness “… violated! It’s like I was being tested or something!”

“I’m sorry! It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this or anything, I mean, I didn’t really know what to expect from any of this or if you’d even write back.”

I was surprised, because she was being apologetic about it all.  There was nothing for her to be apologetic about, I think– if anything, I would have figured she’d be pissed off at me.


I guess my own saving gracce in this situation was that back when I took [Da Vinci] out for dinner/drinks, even though I was  bored I still went through the effort of being as good company as I could be.

But that doesn’t change the fact that in the end, I didn’t call her back, and I started hanging out with her friend Supergirl the next day.  I mean, I didn’t know they were friends, and I don’t even know if that should be a factor, but…

And then, how will this reflect on [Da Vinci] on sunday?  I’m just not sure how to deal with her.  I mean, not that it’s an issue, it’s a non-issue if anything, but…


The truth is, my original reason for trying to meet other girls was to get away from all the drama with Quynh and Ly.

From this point I’ll refer to them as [Oinker] (Quynh once used this as an alias) and [Misty] (her last name begins with a ‘T’).

I’m mostly establishing that now because I’m getting to know more and more about Oinker, both secondhand and firsthand, and it’s probably best if we start using aliases.


Things have progressed though, and the way things are, I care about what Supergirl thinks of me.  This whole thing with Da Vinci isn’t bad, I mean, I suppose you could argue that it just happens naturally on the dating scene, but it’s mostly just super awkward as a situation. 

I guess it can’t be avoided though.  I was talking to [Terminator] about it and he seems to think that this is where the true test of character comes.


I asked Supergirl out officially yesterday.  It was our 4th time doing something together, in that sorta ambigu-friends-zone, but I had to ask at this opint.  I didn’t want to lose this one to indecision and who knows what a casual dinner that stems out of a few emails flung back and forth means, relationshipwise?

And I kinda geeked out about it after I did.

“So like, I was wondering. I don’t want to put you on the spot or something, but would you be interested if I asked you out on a date-date? I mean, like… for real?”

She looked at me, kinda cocked her head to one side as if I had phrased it like a riddle, but in the end just kinda nodded and smiled a chirpy “Sure!”

I paused in my tracks.

“Really?” I stared at her dumbfoundedly for a bit. “That’s all there is to it? Just like that?”

“Damn it, I should have made it harder for you huh?”


At that point, it felt as if all my tiredness had fallen away from me.  I’d been awake for the last 30 hours or so on only a handful of hours of sleep.  But for some reason, it didn’t matter.  After we had lunch, we walked among falling leaves of the autumn city for a couple of hours just talking, until I brought her to her class later in the afternoon.  After that I went home to the apartment, got home around 6pm.

I could barely sleep, and I was schedule to be back at work at thirty past midnight.  I didn’t sleep much.

And so here I am, writing now:

Location: @work
Time: 3:39 AM
Batteries: 25% (really-buttfuckin’-tired!)

Morale: …Great