Change of Seasons

by Jinryu

I went out with [Supergirl] again last night.  ‘Twas nice and simple.  We went for dinner, played some pool, went out for coffee.  I think I’m getting used to her personality now, I’m better able to gauge what’s going on with her expressions and stuff like that.

It’s nice to be around her.  I think it was always really easy to make friends in Asia because when you’ve got North Americaner status, you’re automatically some sorta rockstar just because you speak English.  Out here, I’m nobody special, and that’s why I think the whole dating scene here intimidates me so much after it being so easy in Asia.

But she’s really a down to earth girl, so it’s easy to just sit down and shoot the shit.

I don’t know where this is all going yet, but suffice it to say that at the moment, I’m just enjoying these moments and they’re the highlight of my week.