Flame On

So, tonight I’m going to be hosting a small BBQ at my place.

It kinda exploded.  I mean, it hasn’t happened yet, so I don’t mean a mess of propane and charred corpses (not yet), but I mean, the attendance.  At first, it was only intended to be Quynh, Ly, Kim, Matt and I, but people subtly got invited to the list so what began as five people has more than doubled.

That poses a few problems:

  1. I don’t have a barbecue grill, just a George Foreman grill that I’d intended to use on the table in front of us while we ate “Korean style.”
  2. I don’t have enough dishes or cutlery for this many people.
  3. I’ve never barbecued anything in my life.

… but well, with a little help from the internet, and some guests who actually know how to cook, plus an Xbox and poker set, I hope everyone will be distracted enough not to notice and just have a good time.

Seems like the help is coming in though.  SoCool helped me clean up the apartment a bit, Zack is mowing the lawn and will help me with the groceries, Ly will bring a spare grill, and others will take care of some of the small things like drinks and paper/plastic cutlery.