Mostly Uninteresting Posts from work

by Jinryu

Mostly Uninteresting Posts

Time: 3:44AM (September 1st)

Location: @work
Morale: 🙂
Batteries: 75% (I should be more tired, but Terminator made me one of his ‘magic potions’)

I finished work at about 8:00AM this morning, and went home for some much needed rest after that incredibly long day previous.  At about 10 or 11AM, I can’t remember exactly, I was woken up by a phone call from [SunshineAcid].  I didn’t really feel in the mood to talk about anything so I told her whatevers.  Apparently, [Ambassador] had spoken to her in the morning and told her that she should call me and apologize.  I did ask her to not drink anymore, and she did apologize about what happened last night.  But she didn’t remember what had happened, so it seemed to me that an apology would be kind of pointless because I was dealing essentially with two different people, but I wasn’t going to split hairs.  I told her “whatever,” asked her not to drink anymore, to which she made excuses about how yesterday was exceptional because she was tired and all that, at which point I just didn’t bother.  Because it’s always ‘exceptional’ whenever she gets in that state, there’s always a reason, or more specifically, there’s always an excuse.

I think that perhaps one of the reasons why she’s not taking this more seriously is that she has no idea what she does while she’s drunk– she just doesn’t remember it.  When people tell her, well, does she believe it?

I intended to call her back later in the day and tell her my thoughts on it, but I had other things going on and so it didn’t happen.  I guess I’ll get around to it at some point, when I feel like I’ve got energy to spare.

More likely than not though I’ll just not do anything about it and ignore the situation.  Honestly, I don’t see what’d be the point in sticking out my neck any further.


I woke up later in the afternoon at about 4pm when Terminator came home from work.  He’d been bugging me to come to the gym with him for some time, but I’d always refused because I was too busy, and there was the fact that I didn’t want to pay a gym membership when I could get my average workout on my own.

He managed to convince me by telling me that he could get me in for free though, so with no other rebuttals except laziness, I eventually agreed to go with him.

The last time I’d been to a gym to do resistance training was well over three years ago, and I think it was also with Terminator as my training partner.

I managed to get through a whole lot more than I thought I could, so I was really pleased– among other things, it seems that I can bench about 133 pounds, for 10 sets of 10 repetitions.  That really surprised me since I don’t actually do any chest work except plain old pushups, and even in what I consider my weightlifting prime back in college, I used to have a one rep maximum bench press of 145lbs when I weighed about 140lbs.

So… back in 2004-2005, my one rep maximum was 145, when I weighed 140…

…and now… I can do 10 sets of 10 reps of 133, when I weigh 160?  That’s a huge difference I think!

Although it’s true that I couldn’t have gotten through the full 10 sets without some spotting, because by the last set, I was dying on the 6th rep, but I managed to make it through with a good sweat on each.

It’s pretty apparent what all those years of badminton have done to my right shoulder.  It’s not like in martial arts where an orthodox or southpaw position is built upon with the assumption that each hand has a different function– in resistence training, symmetry is important.  Right and left should, ideally, be equal, and it’s never more noticible when you’re lifting something heavy and one side of you starts dying before the other.

I’m right handed, and because of badminton in large part, you can tell that my right arm and shoulder are more muscular and defined.  Yet, when it comes to a bench press, my left arm actually can generate a lot more consistent push than my right arm, simply because my right shoulder starts to give out.  My right arm is a lot faster and can deliver most instant force (F=m*a), but that’s also in large part because I’m mentally trained to use my right as my dominant.  My left arm though has a lot more endurance, ‘slow power’ and repetitive ‘crushing power’ simply because my left shoulder is in a lot better shape than my right.

I’ve actually found it’s the same thing with my legs– because of martial arts, I’ve always been right legged, but because that leg takes so much abuse, even though my right leg can perform more dextrous actions, my left leg is capable of generating more power.  So, for something more technical like a back kick or a side kick, my right leg is better because I have the technique down, but if it comes down to pure blunt-force bludgeoning power, like with a roundhouse or an axe kick, my left leg is a lot more powerful.


Time: 1:44AM (September 2nd)

Location: @work
Morale: 🙂
Batteries: 85% (I”m not sure if this is an accurate reading or not– I feel pretty pumped because just before coming to work, I was watching GI Joe.)

So today, my entire body is just sore.  You know how it is with sleeping and then waking up the day after a hard workout.  I like the feeling and wouldn’t normally mind, but getting up after being in bed or sitting down is real killer because I have to rewarm my legs all over again and the soreness from the running is really there.  My arms are also pretty much gone, which makes the fact that I’m a cyclist-commuter troublesome because I don’t have solid stable steering with my shakiness.

But well. A body’s got a lifetime of healing available to it– I always feel good when it feels like I’m using my body’s healing abilities efficiently, otherwise it feels like the opportunity to become stronger is going to waste.


I saw GI Joe today.  I can say it was definately worth my 5$, but it really depends on what you want out of this movie.  If you want craploads of mindless action, GI Joe is great.  If you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps you should skip to the next section to avoid having anything spoiled.

What I did notice was exactly that– that this movie feels like a jam packed montage of several other movies and things together.

  • The scenes with the nanomachines feel like the scenes from The Day The Earth Stood Still.
  • The scenes underwater feel like Star Wars space dogfights, especially the assault on Death Star scenes. I think that [SoCool] put it best when she described the movie as “Star Wars, underwater.”
  • The “Cobra Soldiers” look almost exactly like Ty and Salem from “Army of Two,” and even function in the same bulletproof way.


The plans this evening got a bit confuzzled– I woke up in my bed at home at around noon (having just finished the overnight shift at 8:00AM) when Zack walked in for a visit.  We shot the shit for a bit while I was doing the dishes, and I was invited to go to Tokyo’s at 6pm for all you can eat sushi.  He departed shortly afterwards to run some errands and I bid him adieu so I could get back to sleeping.

Later that evening, as planned, I went to meet up with the bunch at Tokyo’s for dinner.  [Ambassador] was there, and he hadn’t yet seen GI Joe, he and I made plans to go to see it after dinner. 

Unfortunately, by the time we were done, we had just missed the 7pm showing and the next one was at about 10pm.  We bought tickets for that anyhow.

The problem was that I hadn’t originally planned on seeing a movie– I had plans to either hang out with NitroNilla and/or Ly for a post-dinner dinner or coffee, but by the time sushi came up, neither of those two had confirmed yet so I went with whatever was solid, which was Ambassador’s GI Joe proposal.

So we went to see it straight after dinner.  But, I hadn’t planned on spending the entire night out until going to work– so I didn’t have my hospital scrubs with me, I only had my ID.  Although the dress code at work is pretty casual, sandals with camo shorts weren’t really going to be appropriate, so I had to set about a quest for pants.

Unfortuantely, as it was getting later and later on a tuesday night, most stores were closed. I had wanted to go to Winners, because I knew for a fact that they sold scrubs and I needed some better ones anyway, but they were closed.  There wasn’t much choice and I ended up going to Old Navy and buying a 35$ pair of cargo pants.  That’s a lot more than I’d normally pay for anything at Old Navy, but well, it wouldn’t have been worth my time to ride all the way back home and back again when I was tired as it was.

That’s one of the big differences between being here and being in Asia– everything here in general is so expensive.  The clothes, the entertainment, the booze– all of it! It’s kinda hard for me to spend money out here, and with good reason– I don’t make as much and it costs more for everything.

But then again, Canada has the distinct benefit of having air that tastes like nothing.  Whenever people hear me say that they tell me, “Yeah, the air here smells pretty good, eh?” to which I reply, “No, not smell– I’m not even talking about smell. I really mean that when I’m in Canada, I open my mouth, and I don’t taste the air!”

God bless our cleaner air.