Personal Assistant

by Jinryu

So, everything went more or less smoothly today.  Finished work.  Got home. Got about an hour of sleep. Went to the cemetery.  Had lunch with my family.  Came back home.  Got another 3 hours of sleep.  Woke up to find that my roomies and other friends had arrived for “Sloth Day” (a Sunday tradition).  Played a bit of Gears with some of them, chit chatted, then we all went to see Inglorious Bastards.  It’s 11:00pm and I just got home.

I must say I’m a bit tired, and that considering that I’m working at 7am tomorrow, but man.  That film… I’m not sure what to say about it.  It’s got me wide awake.

Tomorrow it’s work from 7am until 3pm, come home, catch a few more hours of sleep, and then head back downtown for 7pm.  It’s Tokebi’s at 7pm, and then somewhere else for a noraebang a bit later.

I need a personal secretary or something.