That’s Not Moby

by Jinryu

Time: 4:50AM
Location: @the Hospital
Batteries: 59.99999% (Getting tired)
Morale: Tired Smile

I just got back to my desk at pre-triage after my two hour break. Oddly enough, I feel a lot more tired after having slept than I did before going on break.  I’m still doing pretty well for a first overnight in a series, but I do kinda wish I was in a real bed right now.


A father who came in with his wife and child less than 5 minutes ago, who I asked to go to the waiting room after dutifully completeling their registration, came to my desk to ask “Are we going to be seen by the Doctor?”

Which, considering this is a hospital, seems like a gratuitous querry with what I thought would be an obvious answer.  What do you want me to say?  Dr. Seus is on his way, definately, but wait, because first he’s got to cook up some green eggs and ham.

Yes, genius, of course you’re going to be seen by a doctor.

Oh, and now the wife just came, to ask the same question– because I suppose maybe in the last two minutes, those green eggs might be done.

When you go to a hospital, actually, I encourage you to ask the staff about what’s going on as far as your stay here goes.  Actually, this goes for any hospital.  I’m not being sarcastic. You really should.  It’s good for you to ask because A) it keeps the staff on the ball to make sure your needs are served and B) you should take responsibility for making sure that if for some reason any mistakes were made, it comes to our attention.

Ask lots of questions.  Make sure your name is on the list.  Even if you’ve been waiting only 15 minutes in the waiting room of Emergency, make sure we haven’t forgotten about you, whether you’re waiting to see a nurse, doctor, or if you’re waiting on test results.

But remember the golden rule: don’t be an asshole.


I’m listening to a random clump of MP3s that were on my USB drive, including a bunch of songs by Moby.  It has been forever since I’ve heard anything by Moby.

It reminds me of this one episode of How I Met Your Mother where the gang runs into someone on the streets who they think is Moby, who turns out to be very much Not Moby (in fact, he’s a gun wileding psycho,  named Robert, or something).  Ahem.  Anyways.

I had an evening planned to hang out at my apartment with SiB yesterday (Friday) but the plans got delayed because he had an apointment.  Instead of going to my place and having some dinner and Gears of War 2,  we instead ate downtown where I had my first meal at Nickels in about two years and SiB had his first drink of alcohol in 7 weeks.

We shot the shit and it was fun, it was perhaps nicer than swinging by the apartment because as a fellow gamer, SiB probably would have ended up on the Xbox (of course, I’d join, because a host shouldn’t be inhospitable by not assisting in coop modes should a guest begin to take on the Horde) and we wouldn’t have had the chance to talk.

The night before I had the chance to hang out with Vittek as well, and had a talk as well.  I cooked dinner (it was a success actually, I’m really getting better at this sorta thing it seems!). It’s the first time that I really sit down and have a talk with him in over a year and half.

I think this is one of those things that I really need every now and then. I mean, to really get some face time with people one on one.  Ever since I moved to the apartment in NDG, it’s been busy busy busy as far as hanging out with people goes, but it’s always with a group.  Groups are good and fun but it’s seldom that everyone at the group really wants to really talk at once.

The conversations are important I think because when they’re one on one, you get to hear what they want to tell you, and not just what they want others to hear.  I suppose it’s interesting that there should be a distinction, but I’m sure you know what I mean– groups change the dynamics of everything.