by Jinryu

When I first went to Taiwan, one of the things I noticed immediately was how many scooters there were out there.  Like, they outnumbered the cars 10239482458 to 1.

I got a scooter of my own while I was in Korea.  It was so much fun that even though I bought it in winter and the windchill left me shaking so hard it hurt my teeth, I persisted in using it in defiance of all sanity.

When I got back to Canada, I just started noticing scooters everywhere.  Were they there all along and I just hadn’t noticed them before?

It’s been a long time since I seriously thought about a relationship.  I mean, dating is one thing– having fun and all that, you know? I find myself in the state of a Season 1 Ted Mosby: I’m looking for the one.

And everywhere I look, I’m just seeing girls who could be that person.