I was sparring with terminator and

he threw a jab, cross, hook

i evaded the jab and cross, attempted to counter his lead left hook hook with a right hook while slipping
my timing was wrong

his gloved fist slammed into my ear, I got completely disoriented and heard th e ocean in my right ear for a moment, blasting

my own hook fell apart and i hooked him really hard, but my fist’s trajectory diverted so i landed with only my thumb’s knuckled on the bony area just around the outside of his eye

he’s got a serious looking black bruise around the ring of his eye and i’ve sprained my thumb badly enough that i’m having a lot of difficulty typing– it reallllllly hurts, and i’m taking care of it and it’s notrhing really serious

but until it getsb etter i’m not going to be posting very much
it’s really difficult without a thumb to use a keyboard!!!