Saving Throw Failed!

by Jinryu

This morning while I was taking a shower at my sister’s place, I heard a strange noise, like a faint whistle.  And then, the showerhead blew off the wall and hit me square on the temple as I was turning around to investigate.

As if that wasn’t enough, two minutes later, after I “fixed it,”  it happened again, but this time it hit me in the back of the head, and there was no warning whatsoever.  My Admiral Ackbar Alert (“It’s a trap!”) didn’t go off prior and at a firing range of about 4 inches, I didn’t have any time to employ any ninja esquives.

It is very, very trippy to be hanging out in daylight again.  Over the course of the past month, I’ve been working overnights as you know– usually, I have a day or two off in between strings of 5 shifts.  Because after those days off I have to return to overnights, I usually don’t try to adjust my sleep schedule, so I’m still typically sleeping during the daytime even on my days off, waking up between 4 and 6pm.

That routine has it’s advantages– for one thing, I never have to deal with the summer heat, I’m awake just in time for dinner, and if anything is going on during the evening/night I’ve got batteries to lat me until 7AM wheras most people are already in overdrive by 2.

The routine has it’s disadvantages though– I never have to deal with summer heat.  My skin’s taken on a lighter complexion than I can ever remember having.  My heat/humidity tolerance has gone wayyyyy down.  And, I don’t get to see much of civilization, as attractive they and their summer fashions are during daylight.

My sister pointed out one big difference between Chinese here (in Toronto) and Chinese back home (in Montreal).  Asians here often speak perfectly accent-less English, while speaking accentless Chinese.

We figure it’s because they don’t need to divide their skill points at level ups between the additional french requirements in Quebec.

I heard a Torontonian trying to speak French yesterday to accomodate some tourists from Quebec (not us) and man that gave me shudders.