From Dusk ’till Dawn

by Jinryu

tIME: 3:10am
bATTERIES: 70% (all systems nominal)

Morale: Good!
Hunger Status: peckish

I’m at work with Jonathan again and it’s always a pleasure.  The guy was recently hired, so that means he’s got a crapload of questions, but I don’t mind because he’s got a good attitude and he’s a team player.

It’a already 3:10AM and stuff is still surprisingly very busy for us.  On the medical end, things have slowed down, but on the clerical end, things are just hellish.  We’ve got a stack of papers the size of a phonebook to take care of.

Apparently a case of swine flu was confirmed somewhere in Montreal.  I haven’t substantiated that rumor because I don’t really pay attention to the news (I only found out about that plane that disappeared in the ocean like.. a couple of days ago) but it would explain why we’re having Winter level emergency visits in the begining of Summer, when things should in theory be slowing down a lot.  I like to think of this period as Swine Flu: Wave 2.


I went to RsM today, but just to man the table for Cedric.  Usually, there’s someone at entrance of the gym to check off members on our list, or to write down the drop-ins.  Since Cedric was busy, I went in.

Normally, whoever’s at the table only has to stick at the table for the forty-five minutes or so, and people usually stop dropping in altogether after the the first two hours. Basically, the person at the table can then go and play, but just has to come back to the table to collect money if someone wanders in from the world outside.

Numac yesterday though was intense enough that my legs took a fair amount of bone and soft tissue damage.  Nothing outside of tolerable limits, but enought that I have a slight limp.  It’s not really condition that I can play badminton in.  So, I didn’t play badminton.

It is really, REALLY boring to just watch people you know playing without being able to play.



Consideration is when you … think about things.  I think that consideration is an important virtue in people, to a certani extent.  Nobody likes someone who thinks too much of course, but that’s not the kind of thinking I’m thinking of.

Consideration is when you have an awareness of those around you, what they like and what they dislike, and you try and be aware of things that you can do in realtion to those likes and dislikes.

If two people have a nasty breakup, being considerate means not inviting them to the same table without advance warning.  If someone you know likes basketball, being considerate means letting them have first dibs on the extra tickets you have.  If you know how to fix a flat tire and you see someone struggling outside with it because they obviously don’t know how, consideration is putting your skill to use and offering your help.

Consideration isn’t necessarily about appreciation– consideration is about doing the most good and spreading the most happiness efficiently.

You could always, for example, give 10 bucks to someone out of the kindness of your heart– but it makes a considerable difference if you give the ten dollars to some multibillionaire for whom ten bucks is not even enough for their toilet paper, as opposed to the man who needs gasoline for his chainsaw on the wake of the zombie invasion.  It’s still the same 10 dollars, it’s still the same intent to do something good, but which of these situations do you suppose produces the most happiness?


I know that a lot of philosophers have tried to argue things like the Greatest Happiness Principle and that there are a lot of slippery slopes to it.  But I’m not suggesting rules– I’m simply saying, Be Considerate, whenever you can.


tIME: 9:10am
bATTERIES: 10% (exhausted)
Morale: Confused, undetermined

I’m back home.

All hell broke loose at around 4:30AM while I was at work.  Remember when I said that the only downside about a normally very quiet emergency department during an overnight is that when something really, REALLY complicated happens, there’s only two of us clerks to make everything work?

Well, while Jonathan was gone on his break, that exact scenario came into being. 

I don’t have much more to say about what happened at this time, I’m too tired.  I’ll write it up later when my head is more clear and I’ve had some rest.