Synco pation

by Jinryu

Time: 6:44 AM
Batteries: 40% (Yesternight I didn’t have to work, but I got home from Numac and slept at 1:30AM because I was so exhausted, but then slept only until about 5:40AM– I was unable to stay asleep because normally, I’d only going to be going to bed at 9AM or so.)

Earlier in the week, I volunteered to go in to RsM today to replace Cedric at the table (someone has to sit at ‘the table’ to charge admissions) which seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that it’s the morning after sparring at Numac, I regret it because my legs are too damaged to play badminton.  So, I’ll basically just be sitting at that table for like four hours with nothing to do except watch people play.  Usually the table dude goes and plays after the first hour and everyone who’s coming for the day has already checked in, but anyhow…

Last night,

I had a few of my rounds videoed.  It’s always useful to do so I find to see just what the holes in your deffenses or the shortcomings of your offense are.  I’ve found:

  • In a mixed match against someone who knows how to groundfight well and who is actively attempting takedowns, I suck because
    • as if grappling wasn’t enough, there’s a lot of disadvantaged positions that I find myself in where the other guy can easily attempt a ground and pound.  I survive much better in pure grappling than in a mixed situation where the game’s gone to the ground.
    • when I’m doing standup fighting, my posture isn’t good and loose and I’m too tense, leaning forward too much in order to be ready for the takedown.
    • when I’m doing standup fighting, every kick I do is a potential takedown opening for my opponent, and I’m paranoid about it so I tend to throw out less kicks.  And since my handwork puts me at a range that’s easily grappled from…
  • I tend to give the opponent too much initiative, and control the rhythm of the fight.  It has to do, I think, with how I’ve become a much slower fighter than I was younger.  I don’t tend to make or chase openings as much as I do deffend the opponent’s attack and then counter with whatever I see opening up as a result.  It has moderate success in striking alone, but initiateive is again something a lot more important in a mixed match when the opponent is someone who is attempting takedowns.
  • I really need to learn how to sprawl instinctively from my mixed stance.  It happens when I’m doing an all grappling match, but in mixed, because my posture is different, I can’t seem to do it.
  • My mixed stance sucks, I feel that I’m neither deffending well against takedowns nor in a comfortable position to throw strikes.
  • When striking, I need to try and connect more straights and stop relying on corkscrews or hooks.

On the other hand:

  • Some of the “JKD experiments” that I wanted to try out on SiB went quite well.
    • The lead hook worked well while circling out and/or using ‘pak sao’ or ‘lai sao.’
    • Considering that my left rear-stanced roundhouse is stronger and more consistent than my right, it works out well that I’m in a southpaw stance.
  • For the first time, I started performing reversals while grappling.  Terminator is really hard to grapple with because not only is he formally trained in jiu jitsu but he’s abnormally strong for his weight– I managed to three times completely reverse his takedown or position changes and it was all just about really getting a feeling for the momentum of his drives or for his stability.
  • Both in standup and on the ground, it was really useful to use feints or to break my rhythm, which has been something that I’d only recently paid a lot more attention to.  I don’t know why I ever shelved this technique, it does wonders for creating openings for offense or escape.

Well, the list of cons is a lot longer than the list of pros, ins’t it? Heh.

I wish I had the time and money to be formally trained again.  I feel like there’s an increasing grap growing between Terminator and I as a result of the brazilian jiu jitsu calsses he’s taking, and the fact that he’s working on kickboxing too will soon negate whatever lack of confidence he has compared to me in striking.

Both SiB and Terminator had to leave early a bit earlier than usual, so I spent the last 45 minutes of Numac training Quynh.  I’m surprised– we moved on to basic 1-2-3 punch combos, and I taught him basic sidekicking, and he’s absorbing it all quite quickly!  He seems to have a natural knack for it.  He’s got more technical quesetions than he needs to have at this point, but at least that shows that he’s interested.