Best and Worst of Recent media stuffs I’ve been involving myself in

by Jinryu

My Best Friend’s Girl (DVD, Hollywood):
This movie was simply one of the most hilarious one’s I’d seen in a while.

Epik High – Pieces (Korea, Korean Rap?):
Sooooooooo dissapointing compared to what I expected from Anyband.

Bellanova – Fantasia Pop (… some Latin country?)
Every track is FUN and BRIGHT.  It’s great to get you going on a cold Montreal sunny day.  Makes me wish that Aqua was still around.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation (all albums, Japan, J-Rock)
Nothing less than you’d expect from the band that brought you some of the greatest themes to Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist. I’ve had about 6 songs of them on loop on my phone (that’s all my 64 meg card fits) and that’s been all right for one week straight!

The Cat Empire (all albums, not sure what country from, and not sure what category this fits in)
Probably the most unique music I’ve heard in a while.  Very clever lyrics, excellent instrumentation, and lots of kick.

Yes Man (DVD, Hollywood):
This was my favorite movie for about a hundred reasons, all hundred of which are because Carey’s character does a lot of things that I exactly did when I was in Korea.  It had personal significance to me because it was in Korea that I started making a fool of myself: riding a scooter; learning Korean and using it almost exclusively to listen to the problems of women; learning to play guitar; etc.

It Had to Be You (Cantonese from HK, Romantic Comedy):
I like the main actor, so far every movie I’ve seen with him has been really good.  The plot of this one is a bit annoying but the main actress in this one is someone who has a personality I’d probably die for in real life.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (Manga, Japan):
Lacking anything interesting to read I picked this up.  It’s not actually very good in my opinion, it’s your typical “Boy wants to impress girl by becoming strong” manga but as an aspiring martial artist I find that the training and the philosophy involved in it is mostly very weak and bullshitty.  Nonetheless I find myself at chapter 120.

Hajime No Ippo– New Challenger (Anime, Japan):
It has a much more polished feel to it than the very first season of the original series in terms of cinematography and animation quality, but I find that a lot of the mystery and character development has gone out of the window.  Nonetheless, it’s still a good motivational series to watch.

Genshiken (Anime, Japan):
I just finished watching all of it and it was not great.  The books are more fun I think.  Reminds me very much of my days in Drawson.

The Audacity of Hope (Audio Book, by Barack Obamma):
I started it, but I got REALLY annoyed with his style of reading, which makes it sound like he’s trying to impress me, kiss my baby and kiss my ass all at once, so maybe I’ll do like a literate person and pick up the book.

Jason Mraz (….. all albums up till now):
GARBAGE.  I can’t stand this fucker.

Michael Buble (….. all albums up till now):
GARBAGE.  I can’t stand this fucker.  What a Sinatra wannabe.  GOD.

Sex is Zero 2 (DVD, Korea)
Perhaps the best romantic comedy I’ve seen this year, tied with My Best Friend’s Girl.

Detroit Metal City (Anime, Japan)
The hands down funniest and most compact 20 minute chunks of episodal entertainment you can find right now.

Marley and Me (Hollywood)
“Marleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” T_T