Greetings, Earthlings

by Jinryu

It is currently 12:31qm.

er.. I mean. AM.

Let my first note be that Hades can drink a whole lot more alochol (apparently) than ame without apparently suffering the same effects as me.

I don’t consider myself alcoholic, but I do understand the significance of being able to transgress on territories of conversation that i wouldn’t normally.  The past few hours, involving, among otherthings, buttsex and blowjobs, being a part of it

Kazuma and Hades for the most part seem like awesome people in that they just… well, they’re fun to be around.  Blame it on me working 7 days in a row to arrive at this concolusionj (if only because I skipped a day of work), but regardless of the fact that I’ve been working a week nonstop they are good people.

Hmm… well if this were nothing but a rant at the wee hours of the new dawy, this really woouldn’t be anything significant.

But seing as as I have as much to say as I am… shall I say this:

At the end of a day, or whatever, before you go to bed:

It all comes down to experiences.  This is what our lifes are com[[psed of.

It’s all the things that makes us happy and sad.  All the parts of our pasts, presents and futures, but not just in isolation of the people around you, but everyone and everything that make up the world in relation to you.

It’s, in the end, all about you: the world ends with you, and if that means for a moment, you can find people and you can find a good time, what else is there to it?

We don’t exist in isolation, and for every moment that we ever felt lonely, it’s only because we didn’t really take the time to invite someone to have some dinner with us.

wHEN asked the queastion, i wouldn’t say I’m a happy or sad drunk… I’m just a very ‘honest’ drunk in the sense that i tend to jiust say what’s on my miond. er… mind.

For tomorrow, let me say this then:
the world is full of beautiful people and regardkless of whether or not they believe in themselves, I believe in them, and most beautiful peopld on’t even realize it.  That they are, beutiful, en effet.  They don’t know it, but I’m a good judge of character I think so take my word for it!

I have to be in the Emergemcy room in about 6.2 hours, so I should probably sober up.  i aqm writing this mostly because I belicve in truth, so,m despite my less that stellar condition, I’m going to just put a few notes in here that I’ll be able to see on the morrow.

Don’t let anythign pass you by.

Embarssments, regretts, whatever– they are all experiences, they makey ou who you are, and they are what tiey ou to humanithy– before you fall asleep, think about the people who made you feel human in the simplest of ways that they probably don’t even realize, and then do that– make a conscious effort to be a person, interacting, feeling, loving or hating or whatever– and that, ladies and gentlemen,

that at the end of the day makes everything worth it.

Thanks, World.