If You’re Going My Way

by Jinryu

You run into all sorts of people out there.  Some people, you get along with.  Some people, you become friends with.  Some people you sleep with.  Some people you start families with. Some people you respect even though you don’t know them and every time you meet them you’re glad to have worked with them.  Some people you don’t know but by association, because they’re part of something bigger than both of you, by default you’ll watch eachothers’ backs.  Some people, you will see do the greatest of simplest things– wait a bit longer at a door just to hold it for the lady with the carriage, for example.  Some people just mop the floors at a building you walk through on your way home.  Some people are wrong in all the ways except one, and that’s why you like them.

And on the other hand some people you don’t get along with.

Ah, but that’s life.

Every wrinkle you see on someone’s face comes from some sort of story– it’s seldom the case that someone is truly boring.  And even if you have no history, no stories to tell– boringness isn’t just about events.

The most interesting thing to remember is the future.  We often look to the past, I think, because it’s something we know about ourselves generally better than others.  In part that gives us the security that nobody else can disagree, because you’ve been there and done that.  Our pasts are as close to the truth as we can get, because it’s as firsthand as anything ever was.

I think, however, that a hypothesis is a beautiful thing.  It’s not right or wrong that matters– it’s the idea’s transition from dreamworld to realworld.

Save the past for when you have no more future.  Remember, don’t forget the future!