It’s going to take a little while to adjust to things.

Since I’m bouncing around from day shift training to evening shift training, sleep patterns will have to be readjusted.  Because sleep has to be readjusted, I need to find out ways also of fitting in my ‘me time.’  Stress levels from picking up the tricks of the trade are  unpredictable right now, and as a result, my emotional and psychological wellness pool requires that I take actions to compensate by doing fun things, mostly going out– but that kind of stuff costs money.

Not that having fun must necessarily cost money, but sometimes, you have a day off and you really feel you should do something with it and automatically the reflex is to go out and do something that costs money because you figure it’s a surefire way to entertain yourself and others.  So far, I’m on a roll and am having a good time whenever I do spend money, but my expenses right now are exceeding my income and I need to find some way to balance this properly.  I’m still operating on my Korean work-fun ratios I think, and this just came back up because I’m working full time now.

Certain things are taking more getting used to than others, such as bi-weekly payments instead of weekly (although, I haven’t even received my first pay yet at the new job since I’ve only been there a week) and a cellphone bill that is four times as much for essentially the same services.  And oh man did I mention the sleep adjustments are killing me?  My body also feels kind of out of tune because I haven’t quite figured out the timing for any exercise (more specifically, recovery) into my week.

Essentially, right now, in general I feel very reactionary and at the mercy of life.  And while it’s fun to be doing this much stuff, and I think I’m doing a really good job of coping with my reintegration into useful (read: employed) society, I would like things to be familiar enough so that I could have liberty to slow down (if only I could) but right now, there’s just too many things going on to make it easily possible.

I was downtown last night until almost midnight and now it’s about 6:40 that I’m waking up to head off to work.  So, I haven’t slep that much.  Traditionally I’ve put forth that the ‘fun time’ is more important than the ‘rest time,’ at least in the begining when my body’s condition isn’t yet in deficit– but tonight, I’m making it a point to try and sleep early or throw in an extra nap.

I don’t even have full command of English yet so this post might not make sense, but I’ll reread it later and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about moderation.