To answer a previous comment,

I’ve found that Korean jeans aren’t just low cut, but they’re made for a really strange sorta physiology.  Granted, I haven’t tried all the cuts, but I do own 3 pairs of the ‘most popular cuts’ i’m told, which are similar to the one pair that I bought when I was in Taiwan.  While they do vary a bit (all four of them I mean, between eachother) there are a few noteworthy notes to the jeans I onwed back in North America.

  • Waist sizes are correct.
  • Thigh sizes are usually kinda tight on me.
  • The jeans are shaped somewhat like… uh… a funnel?  So they tend to be kinda be tight under the crotch.  Ahem.  I’m not sure if that’s supposed to say something about Asians or not.
  • And perhaps this is too much information, but it’s perfectly all right as long as you stack your goods upwards instead of downwards.
    • That said, i think all of my new jeans are ‘brief friendly’ and not ‘boxer friendly’.

I probably wouldn’t be wearing these kinds of jeans if I was in Canada, but then again, when in Rome….

I saw Indiana Jones last night.  It was AWESOME.  I liked it more than I liked Iron Man and Speed Racer, but that might be because my childhood had me timed specifically with the original ones.  I think I live in a privledged generation– I grew up with Super Mario, all of the Final Fantasies, Dr. Jones, Luke Skywalker, etc…. I was just lucky so that I saw these things growing from the bottom up and now that I’m older, as perhaps the creators are as well, they just know how to keep things going.

Granted, not all continuations really turn out great, but when they do, it makes me feel like I’m a part of something.