by Jinryu

Tomorrow (or today, considering that it’s a bit past midnight) I’m going to be done with Intensives finally.  So that means I’ve been in Korea, for about 4 months.  I could tell you about everything I’m thinking of right now, but I just got back from 태권도.  (Yes, I’m going to try and type in Korean as much as possible, because I”m trying to get used to using a Korean keyboard). 

There was a new student with us today.  He’s higher ranking than my current 사폰님, so it was really great.  He takes the stuff seriously, and that makes a real difference with the way a class is run.  I know pain isn’t a good indicator of gain, but I can barely feel my upper body. I think I may have trouble erasing my board in school later. 

It feels good to be exhausted.  It makes the day feel like it was productive.