Snippets from Essay Corrections in Korea

by Jinryu

     In Korea, many folktales are very fun.They have instruction, too. I want
tell to you a Korean folktale. It’s title is ‘Hung-bu
& Nall-bu’. It is a very famous Korean

     Long ago, there is (were
Hung-bu and Nall-bu. They were brothers.
Nall-bu was rich, but a very bad man. Hung-bu was
kind, but very poor. And Nall-bu didn’t like

     One day, Hung-bu saw a swallow. It broke a wing. Hung-bu take (took
it and remedied it.  A(The
swallow said “Thank you! so
I give will give you a seed.” Hung-bu
sowed the seed.   A (The
seed growed
fast and in a fruit, that
was money and gold. Then Hung-bu was rich.

was greedy.  He asked to Hung-bu,
“How are you doing
for a
(did you
become )
rich?” So he broke a swallow’s wing and remedied
it again.  aAfter
one day there was a fruit. But in the fuit, there was
not gold. It a a goblin!!! It hit
Nall-bu, and steal his all money.

     Now, Nall-bu is poor. Hung-bu is
rich. Hung-bu live with kind Nall-bu, because
Nall-bu’s house is broke and he is poor now!!!^.^!!!

     The End…