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Snippets from Essay Corrections in Korea

     In Korea, many folktales are very fun.They have instruction, too. I want
tell to you a Korean folktale. It’s title is ‘Hung-bu
& Nall-bu’. It is a very famous Korean

     Long ago, there is (were
Hung-bu and Nall-bu. They were brothers.
Nall-bu was rich, but a very bad man. Hung-bu was
kind, but very poor. And Nall-bu didn’t like

     One day, Hung-bu saw a swallow. It broke a wing. Hung-bu take (took
it and remedied it.  A(The
swallow said “Thank you! so
I give will give you a seed.” Hung-bu
sowed the seed.   A (The
seed growed
fast and in a fruit, that
was money and gold. Then Hung-bu was rich.

was greedy.  He asked to Hung-bu,
“How are you doing
for a
(did you
become )
rich?” So he broke a swallow’s wing and remedied
it again.  aAfter
one day there was a fruit. But in the fuit, there was
not gold. It a a goblin!!! It hit
Nall-bu, and steal his all money.

     Now, Nall-bu is poor. Hung-bu is
rich. Hung-bu live with kind Nall-bu, because
Nall-bu’s house is broke and he is poor now!!!^.^!!!

     The End…



Fall is, by far, the season which I love above all others.  Here in SK it looks pretty much like fall in Canada, except that the leaves are different shapes and sizes.

The main problem with Korea is that it has too much cool stuff.  Cool stuff which I cannot help but keep on spending money on.  This is very problematic for my plans to build up a nest egg.  Must. Resist. Temptations.