1. Where is my counsellor?? She doesn’t seem to be at work today, and that poses a bit of a problem for the bank transfer… if she’s not in by midday, I’m going to ask someone else to go to the bank with me.
  2. I finally managed to learn the guitar parts for that song I’m working on in my music school.  My instructor, 한석원 (“Stevie” is his English name) helped me get through all those chords I didn’t know.  I made the mistake the first lesson of not coming with a notebook or pencil… which was actually the first law of practicing back in highschool band!  (Don’t you just hate it when the things adults told you to do when you were younger turn out to be right…) The other dude there, Stevie’s partner “Richard,” gave me persmission to drop by the school whenever I want to practice.  They close at about 2-3am so that’s cool, it’ll give me a good amount of stuff to do.  I don’t feel so good about playing guitar in my apartment at 11pm at night, so having a soundproof room gives me the chance to be as noisy as I want. 
  3. My body is a bit sore today from TKD, because yesterday we attempted flying kicks for the first time.  It was VERY interesting.  VERY fun.  I’ve never done flying kicks before, except this one time in kickboxing where we learned to do 270 degree jumping roundhouse.  Other than that, the only flying I’ve done while sparring is when someone throws me.  So yes, this is cool.  What’s surprising is that I didn’t think that I could jump over a 4 foot tall barrier AND kick a target, but it seems that I’m not half bad at it!