To Do

  1. Pay for the tickets to Taiwan (I didn’t do it today because the counsellor, who is supposed to help me with the money transfer, was too busy to go with me to the bank today and take care of it.)
  2. Print out that article about recent Nigerian urban warfare for my H kids.
  3. Install the java-based FTP client on my server get the java-based FTP client on my server to work so that I can send and receive files from back home without overloading my email accounts.
  4. Get those !*@$(!@$( bar chords on guitar until I get them right and they make like I just ran my finger through a cheese grater.
  5. Practice those new jump kicks in TKD so I can do them without landing like an idiot.
  6. Buy some groceries (eggs, bread and vegetables).
  7. Do some cooking for the week.
  8. Prepare lesson plans for this week’s open classes
  9. Complile that RsM inventory so that I can finally operate my business with clean transparent accounting with my partners.
  10. Take home that spare router from work and see if I can get it to work at home, splitting internet with a fellow teacher.
  11. Take a break from the ankle weights until at least Thursday.
  12. Learn some the next few classes worth of grammar ahead of time.
  13. Devise a motivational plan to increase the number of essays that I get submitted.
  14. Get some more sleep.

Christ, I’m tired!