Now, THAT’s a commercial.

(When you check out the Youtube vid, you should watch it full screen.  Watch the whole thing!)


The difference between Korean companies and North American ones is the way that they go about getting themselves into your head.

It’s interesting because Samsung has recently come into the limelight because it’s CEO is under investigation for corruption, on the issue of trying to get his son into the seat of the company through unfair means.  But anyway.

Samsung and LG are among some of the superpower companies over here.  They really, no joke, practically own South Korea. From what I can see.  There are a few other giants, like SK and Lotte, but really even those massive empires pale in comparison to the likes of Samsung and LG.

And why?  What does Samsung do so well that puts them in everyone’s pocket?  Well, for one thing, they’ve got a bunch of marketers and feedback systems that really stay tuned with the rising generation of youths.  I think the mistake of companies so called-monopoly companies like Microsoft back in North Am is that they tend to target the older generations.  I would say in general, the older folks are looking for what works– but they’re not a very hype-ish bunch.  By the time we get old, we just want to be comfortable.

And thus you have companies like Apple on the rise with wave after wave of iPods, despite the fact that an iPod is a seriously overpriced device when you consider how much technology you actually get for your money.  What’s makes people buy in though?  It’s the fact that Apple managed to make it a consumer product consumed by the youths of the country.  The youths are the ones who build all the hype.  They’re the ones that turn a brand name from just a few letters into a status symbol.  They’re the ones who will feed back energy into a company by attaching emotions, both good and bad, into the experience of being in society with that product.

Around here, check out the latest commercial I saw on television by Samsung for their Anycall phones.  It’s not a typical cell phone commercial in any sense– they bring it all together.  Talk, Play, Love.