Random Possibly Good / Harmless Things:

  • I used to read Dragonlance books religiously.
  • I can play the harmonica.
  • I used to collect stamps when I was a kid.  I had 4-5 albums full of them.
  • I brush my teeth left handed, even though I’m right handed.
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • I like it when it rains or snows.  I’m actually not a fan of copious sunshine.
  • I drink between 6 and 10 mugs of green tea per day at work.  (It’s free!)

Random Possibly Bad / Harmful Things

  • I am very competitive, and sometimes even if I tell myself I do things for self-improvement, sometimes I go out of my way to get better at things just to crush others.
  • I’m often so lazy to cook that I’ll leftovers cold, even if it probably needs to be reheated so I don’t get food poisoned.
  • I try to go to bed at 12, but usually get so distracted I usually sleep at 4am.
  • The only good joint on my body is my left shoulder and my right hip socket.  All the other ones have been damaged in some way.
    • I cannot sit cross legged.
  • I always take high resolution photographs with my digital cameras, on the offchance that I may want to print them some day (even though it’s never happened to date).
  • I fear sunburn and heat exhaustion, ever since they happened to me when I was a teenager.

I can’t help but smile to myself when I walk to work and see some boys climbing the fence at school to escape.  In Asian countries (at least what I’ve seen of Taiwan, Philippines and Korea) there tend to be gates at the school.  After a certain time, these gates are closed so that you can’t get in or out after the bell.  When I see kids jumping out, it reminds me of the good old days of college where Jimmy and I would actually duck under our desks and sneak out of the backdoor of our physics classes.

And it is true that, as a result of skipping so many classes, our grades suffered and we’ve paid for that in the fact that our university degrees were pushed back.  However we learned a lot of things outside of class that I wouldn’t trade class time for.  It’s not that I’m saying class is useless– it’s just that, as long as you keep your eyes open, there are things to be learned anywhere and anytime.

I think that when it comes to being on the “Right Path” for oneself, it has a lot to do with maintaining a want of learning and humility.  It’s a coincidence between the right perspective and the right circumstances.  You go about your business, life throws you it’s tricks and regardless if you trip up or veer off course, so long as you’re paying attention to the body language of life itself you’ll better understand how to recognize the signs of it in the future.  That’s what experience is, really.  It’s coming to understand the body language of life.  It telegraphs.  It has it’s habits.

That isn’t to say it’s predictable in any total sense.  On the contrary– circumstances aren’t just the result of some machina rolling on cogs in circles.  Circumstances are the result of everyone playing at once– as a result, the body language of life (more specifically, the society and world we live in) changes too.

For that reason, what needs to be cultivated is not an understanding of the situation… rather, we need to cultivate an understanding for the dynamics of the evolution itself.  I stress the word dynamics because everything is in constant flux.  It sounds like a contradiction to pinpoint just what flux is, but think of it not as a scalar quantity but rather vector analysis.  You have to guess how it will happen wherever it happens and which way it happens, just not how much it is.

People get caught up with things like “that’s so bad that people in Nigeria got shot up in their homes because of a local gang fight”.  That’s not the point.  What is the scenario? What are the recurring dynamics of the political situation there that lead to these things, not just in Nigeria, but in other African countries as well?  What is the pattern?

While a lot of pattern recognition is unconscious, I think that examining it with conscious effort yeilds better results, mostly because in doing so we develop the vocabulary to share the ideas with others.