I think I always beleived that throughout highschool that I would be the person to write the next great Canadian novel.  I had no idea how I’d pull it off, it’s just that because I spent so much time writing to procrastinate from essays and homework that I beleived that that’s what it took– just time.

But it’s not just time. Since then, I’ve had plenty of time to write.  I know plenty of people who have better vocabulary than me, whose styles are snappier or more fluid.  In this time, what have I done?  I’ve attempted and failed NaNoWriMo at least 2 years in a row.  I’ve had some decent ideas, but the problem has always been the same: follow through.

Well, I guess I’m going to get cracking this time around.  I’ll try to finish in November, but chances are, I won’t because this time around, I’m going to write it by hand.  I think perhaps using a keyboard is an excuse to just write a lot but not really put too much thought into it.  I think the pace of a pen is going to do me some good.  This time, I hope to finish.

And who knows?  Maybe my handwriting will get better.

Actually, one thing that bothered me when I started teaching was that I feared my handwriting would be illegible.  Turns out that after writing on the board for about a month, handwriting does get better.  A pleasant surprise indeed!