by Jinryu

There’s probably more situations than I’d like to admit where the simple truth is that there probably isn’t any universal truth, and that no matter how right I think I am, that’s just me and my values.  Yet, even if I’m wrong– even if we’re ALL wrong– about something, anything, or maybe even everything– mustn’t we still move forward?

Actually, that’s just it: we don’t have to move forward. We can stay exactly where we are.  We can get comfortable.  And some people do– and that’s great.  Well, I mean, it’s great if it works out for them.  Me? Depends on the day.

I’ve never used the word ‘adventure’ very much, but I can’t think of anything more apt at the moment.

And so how would you describe adventure?

So if I had to just come up with an idea of just what it is, then maybe this would be it: adventure is not knowing what’s ahead of you, and still pushing forward as if you knew what you were doing.

Is adventure about confidence?  No, I don’t think so.  I know plenty of people who go on the adventures of their lives and they are shy people, they seem like the sorts who would have difficulty raising their voices, much less raising a fist at anything.  Is it about fearlessness? No, I don’t think so.  I know people who go on the adventures of their lives and they are scared shitless every step of the way.

Weather the potential for pain is physical, mental or spiritual, the adventure comes from that risk, that gamble– and no greater a gamble, no more senless a risk is there, than not knowing that you’re going to succeed.

The double edged sword of the idea “you can do it” is that it allows for “you won’t do it”.  “Can”, is, after all, a possibility– it isn’t a statement of what is to be, it is only a possibility among many.  Otherwise, one would have said “you will do it”.  But if it was all pre-determined– who would care?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.  But to string it all together in a totally random way, we’ll just jump into this idea: my life feels like it’s an adventure.  It’s funny, that dialectic between confidence and fear.

In that sense– adventure in a sense has nothing to do with you are, and by that, I mean your strengths or your weaknesses of character. It has to do with that simple descision– to submit yourself to the unknown, and to navigate that unknown with nothing but a persistence for growth, and adversity with comfort.

And everyone needs adventure!

And yet, real adventure isn’t to be taken lightly.  There are responabilities– there’s a method to navigate it all, a bushido almost, a personal way to do it.

You know when you’re doing it right.

You know when you’re doing it wrong.

So the question is, knowing all this intrinsically, what makes it so difficult at times for me to do it right?