My Forearms Hurt

by Jinryu

… because of overexertion.

Both of them.

From playing guitar.  Not anything else.

It’s kinda funny like that, how good the humans are at adapting to things that really aren’t intuitive.  That’s why we can invent all sorts of stupid things and activities, like unicycles, juggling, skydiving and yes, guitar, and actually get good at them even though when you first try it, you’d figure that it’s not something we were meant to do.

I FINALLY figured out how to play some basic blues on the guitar — turns out the problem from last week was that I was starting on the wrong fret. I was supposed to be starting on the 2nd fret, wheras I thought it was the 5th or 7th, which means I was about 3 or 5 steps off from playing the correct notes (oops).

I’m really quite pleased with how it’s turning out.  Yesterday when I stopped by at the YMCA, I had my guitar on my back, having left from Mark’s house for a guitar lesson.  On my way into the gym, one of employee struck up a conversation with me about the guitar. On my way out, another employee also started chatting it up with me.

We’d never really exchanged more than smalltalk before, even though I’ve known them by face for something like 3 years, but suddenly having a guitar on my back performs the function of the ‘peacock feathers’ that Chili talked about, and so I’m suddenly in a different category from the other 248959 lean, black haired Chinese males at the YMCA who also play badminton.

I even got her number.

BUT. Being the idiot that I am, I don’t know her name, and wouldn’t you know it, the new uniforms don’t have nametags clearly visible. It’s just that we’d been small talking for years that I always just took it forgranted, and in any case, even if I did know it, I find those kinds of things REALLY hard to remember.

Anyway, I just thought that this whole situation is hilarious. Yeah, go me, you’re one smooth operator.