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Enter the Dragon Fish

I almost fogot about this anime that I watched about a year ago, until Azriha posted up about getting the new Wii game for it.

Go and check out this video– I’ve linked part 1, but from there, you can watch all the parts that make up one of the series OAVs about Kimura, which is my favorite singlt standalone anime OAV of all time.

There are certain things that I read (books) or watch (movies, plays, performances, etc) or hear (music) where you just get the feeling that ‘somebody understands’.  If that sounes emo, well, so be it– the fact is, each one of us lives such infinately different lives that it’s quite easy to feel different from everyone else.  Like all things, I beleive that this can be interpreted as both a good and bad thing.  Regardless– I chreish the moments where I see a moment where I find something in common with others.  These moments add up to be happiness.

Yes, even watching an anime can make you feel that ‘somebody understands’!  In a day where we run into dozens of people, how many real connections do we feel? How often do we get a glimpse of something that really resonates with who we are?

And I’m not even talking about animes in the sense that the plot or characters relate to us.  It could just be a moment.  You could be watching for two hours and out of that, you just feel this intense connection to about 10 seconds.

When I was younger, in elementary school especially, I remember all these motivational posters being around the school walls telling you that reading was a way of opening up worlds.  I have no doubt now that though it seemed lame at the time, that this mantra was essentially true.

I’ve found that that’s what I search for from day to day– moments of connection.  It doesn’t always happen– but that’s okay too, because if it did, it would devalue the experience. Every other day, I suppose, is just setting the stage.

Money Well Wasted?

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