Money for Nothing

So, I haven’t really been going to work much lately. I just haven’t been getting many shifts. About a year and something ago, I was hired to replace someone on maternity leave. As a result of that person returning, I don’t get all that many shifts.  Being done with school, I really don’t have that much on my official schedule.  I’m still managing to keep myself busy, despite the lack of official income.  I figure– only about a month until I leave for Asia for a one month long vacation, and after that, I’m off to the labor force– might as well enjoy a vacation while I can.  It has been years, and years, that I’ve been schooling full time with a 30+ hour work week and my gym to run every weekend, and grandparent visits every sunday.  I really had no time. Now that I do, I’m really loving all the opportunties it’s giving me.

Yesterday, I got a lot done. I redid the rails in the front of the house, which were black, and starting to rust in a lot of areas. I grinded the rust out, applied rust paint primer, then started repainting everything white.  Chuck came over in the afternoon for a piano lesson, which I gave in exchange for dim sum (a pretty good deal if you ask me!)  He even helped me repaint the bike I was working on (I’ll post pictures of that when I have a finished product).  This bike I speak of is something I bought for 60$, having found a listing on Craigslist, which I intend to rebuilt from scratch.

Today, I changed the front door light fixtures, which have been there for something like 24 years (they’re one year younger than me).  I’ve never really had to do this much handyman work all on my own, but it was a pretty gratifying experience.  I can see the alure of doing home renovations– it really *does* make me feel more manly, or something.  I don’t know what it is– but it’s nice when you see your handiwork in front of you.  It’s one thing to see the ruins of that which you’ve destroyed, but to see something that you put together? Even if it’s just a coat of paint– there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about looking at something that you are responsible for (in the good way).

On the side, Liz dropped off a bike, which I’ll be seeing if I can tune up over the course of the next few days.  I’ve never seen a bike like this before, but it’s so shiny– I’m really surprised, because frankly, it’s been a long time since I saw a bike in mint condition. 

Other than that– traded kickboxing lesson for a guitar lesson with Mark.  Which, frankly, is turning out to be something I want to do way more.  I’ve only been to two lessons, very informal, but I do say lesson because I learn shitloads every time.  Anyone looking for lessons in the MTL area should let me know and I’ll get you in contact with him– I don’t know if he’s accepting more students, but if he is, you’re a lucky person!

The guitar seems to be something I can really get into. This week, I’m going to be working on blues and improvisation.

I’m finding that I really don’t need that much money to live lately. I mean, sure, I still live at home so I don’t have to pay rent– but really, if I worked it out right, I can get a fair amount of enjoyment out of just bartering with what skills I have for things that I want (for fun, at least).

But well, I guess the problem is that kickboxing lessons or piano lessons as of yet cannot be traded for Korean BBQ or Rockaberry Pie…

I will find a way, mark my words.