Particulars about Me:


I laugh at what I’m told are inappropriate things.

This may or may not be related to me working in a hospital.

I find the fact that when the morgue is full, and they just stack bodies in the basement hallway on stretchers and turn up the air conditioning on max, it’s absolutely hilarious.


I share more hobbies with my dad, and have almost nothing in common with my mom, but when it comes to teamwork, I work a lot better with my mom than my dad.


I’m afraid of heights. Like, hardcore.  I was helping my folks paint our stairway today, and I got on a ladder– my feet were about 5’8″ above the ground (my height) and I started sweating like a pig out of sheer unbridled terror.

If I had the superpower of flight, that would be ironic. I’d probably spend the entire time screaming my ass off. And tying myself to things bolted to the ground.