by Jinryu

Z sent me this article which is a bit of a long read, but interesting.

Not totally related, but some observations about stupid things I see:
At the moment, I’m thinking of baby strollers.  The Canyeneros of
the sidewalk.  As if big gas guzzling cars wasn’t bad enough, we
now have baby strollers that are adding more wheels, more babies and
more ‘armor’– and I’m not sure how this trend started out, but if
total integration between humans and technology ever happened, it would
begin with strollers that simulate a human womb that would respond to
the baby’s needs tele-fucking-patically. I shit you not that my fear is
that by 2010, we will have baby strollers which you take out of the
box, assemble in ten minutes with a screwdriver and some locknuts, and
you will have what will look like this:

Mira dogs are trained not to bark. But I don’t see any other way for a
dog to say “WTF” loud enough to get their master and themselves out of
a strollers path of destruction in time.

The problem I have with modern baby strollers isn’t the strollers
themselves, but the way that parents treat a baby stroller like a snow
blower or a lawn mower.  Just today I saw a woman trying to force
herself and her stoller through a crowd because the wind was picking
up, and she rammed a Mira dog.  Dog being a dog, and a trained dog
at that, didn’t take out the can of whoopas, but for a moment when the
dog’s eyes crossed the mom’s,  Rover was thinking “I could break you
lady, don’t you forget it”

Course, the baby stroller of 2010 might make that a whimsical memoir of my youth.

When I was young, my parents owned a baby stroller that we also used
for my younger sister when she was born.  The whole aparatus had
four wheels, like a crossing of a few metal bars with a hammock-minded
bucket seat.  The whole thing did the job really well. 
Responsive steering.  Good cornering.  Fuel economy. 
Environmentally friendly. You could actually fold it up and it would be
a bit smaller than the size of a golf club bag, which is a feature that
just isn’t there on the newer models.

Now you’ve got baby strollers with the difinitive SUV influences. 
They often have at least twice as many tires, which are inches larger
in radius.  I see one thing which I’ll never understand, and
that’s the strollers that don’t even have turning front wheels. 
That’s just stupid engineering.

Does all that extra plastic make you feel safe?  Cause anything
that hurts your baby isn’t going to stop at a baby stroller, or an
extra milimeter of see through plastic canvas.  So all that added
crap must be for you and not
the baby. It certainly doesn’t make your baby feel any safer, i’d
wager– if anything I’m guessing it’ll make the poor kid suffer

Top it off that the only thing worse than bad drivers and bad
pedestrians is bad parents– they figure that a kid in a stroller is
somehow less mobile than a kid with his feet on the ground.  Rover above was my example.

I can’t stand those idiots who have that forlorn look on their faces
when they’ve got a baby stroller twice their size and are trying to
work it down a metro staircase one step at a time.  Now, i’m not
trying to single out single mothers or something– but these are not
cheap strollers.  And there are smaller, more managable ones on
the market– you don’t NEED that much horsepower.  If a baby
stroller is bigger than an electric wheelchair for a grown adult
(including the motor) then you’ve got a problem.