by Jinryu

Sometimes I actually try my own advice on myself.

Regarding open-mindedness:

I’ve always been rather close-minded about ‘alternative
medicines’.  I beleive, for example, that doing physical activity
will increase your ciruculation, make your muscles more healthy, give
you a stronger metabolism and immune system, etc.  I don’t beleive
though that sticking needles in my meridians, having someone do ‘touch
therapy’ on me or some tai-chi guy transfer energy to me does jack all.

But then again, it’s quite possible i’m just ignorant and close minded.

When I see people who do beleive in these kinds of things, I say to
myself “man, why are they buying into that?  What about
conventional methods that have already been proven to work?”

Well, to give a bit of a story– I started playing volleyball when i
was in grade 7.  Between the time that I played volleyball and
switched to martial arts, I damaged the cartiledge in my knees so bad
that it was impossible form e to squat or sit cross legged without
excruciating pain.  I’d also sprained my fingers numerous times
from when I was blocking a spike, and the spiker smashed my fingers.

When i started martial arts, it was bad enough that we used to lowkick
eachother in the knees (not smart for training, though it turned out to
be useful in real life) but when I started grappling, injuries ranged
from hyperextended limbs to fractured ribs, a bleeding eye, a bone chip
in my elbow (which still floats around if you ever wanna touch it just
ask) , torn cartiledge and a spinal stretch (I was made 1 inch taller
for about 24 hours till i reverted).

You name it.

Badminton has taken out the impact wounds, but on the other hand I’m
getting a lot of repetitive motion stress syndrom– mostly my shoulder.

I’m serious when I tell you that at this point, my left arm is stronger
than my right because my right shoulder is so fucked up.  Only
reason why i still play and manage with my right is because muscle
memory lets me do a lot of things a lot more comfortably and
efficiently with my right– my left just doesn’t have the experience,
despite the health and relative youth.

So anyway, my point is.  Alternative medicine.  Theres this
stuff out on the market called Gluccoasime, which is rumored to be a
dietary supplement that’s supposed to help your body repair damaged

If you’d asked me a year ago i would have scoffed at it.  It is
considered an ‘alternative’ medicine right now, because studies on it’s
effectiveness have not yet arrived at conclusive results supporting or
dismissing their alleged effectiveness.

But my shoulder is bad.  I can feel it when i’m in bed lying
down.  Sometimes on colder nights, i’m woken up by pain in
it.  Not stabbing pain– but an uncomfortable, arthritic
pain.  And i can feel the remenants of my younger years also
acting up at times, like me knees and my ankles.

Glucossamine is supposed to help fix all that.  Or so they say.

It’s an alternative medicine that I scoffed at.  But the irony is
that now that the tables have turned, and I am desperate for a
solution, I am looking at these bottles and thinking if i should give
it a shot.

Doctors and physiotherapists are prescribers of moderation– don’t be
inactive, but don’t be too active.  But no one lives, no one
pioneers by being average– I play because it’s fun, I play because it
is a test for me to push my limits.  But unfortunately, my body
doesn’t seem to be keeping up with my willpower.

So alternative medicines come into the equation.

Will I try this stuff?  Am I not giving them a fair chance because
it was so easy to just sit on my high horse when i was still in perfect