Do you ever feel knurd?


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In Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld series, knurd is the opposite of drunk, as opposed to the median state of sobriety. It is a state achieved through excessive use of Klatchian coffee. When knurd, you see life as it really is, for the first time in your life. Few live through the experience without going insane.

Knurdness is the opposite of being drunk; it is as sober
as you can ever be. It strips away all the illusion, all the comforting
pink fog in which people normally spend their lives, and lets them see
and think clearly for the first time ever. This, needless to say, is a
very traumatic experience. Those seeking to treat drunkenness by having
the sufferer drink Klatchian coffee should take care, lest they send
him too far the other way – Through sobriety and out the other side.

“There the men in taverns drink coffee laced with desert orakh. This drink (made from cacti sap and scorpion venom) is one of the most virulent alcoholic beverages in the universe. But the nomads do not drink it for its intoxicating powers, but to mitigate the effect of Klatchian coffee. It made you knurd.”