by Jinryu

Whenever crises hit, you see all sorts of things going on– you see the
best in people and you see the worst in people.  A lot of the very
basic things we rely on, like rules, really come under the spotlight
when it seems that they’re not working for people.  Check Azriha’s latest, i thought that this was freaking hilarious and freaking sad at the same time.

So the problem with people is that okay, yes, they’ll sometimes follow
rules.  But like the problem with fundies, people are reacting to
the rules as holy writ rather than guidelines.  People are
basically looking for a mechanism to dictate EXACTLY how they should
act, and that may be good in situations that were taken into account
when the rules were made, but rules, being humanly made often don’t
take into account everything (because humans like me and you are not
all knowing, obviously).