dal niente

They say that to feel alive, you gotta suffer every now and then.  Well, if that’s the case, nothing makes you suffer like dealing with automated phone tech support. (Yes, it’s that time of the year when I wrangle with my internet provider for a better deal).


It’s really easy for me to dislike things about movies, and pretty hard for me to like a movie.  Even Batman Begins had it’s limitations to me, though overal it was great.  But as we come to the end of 2005, I can say without a doubt that the best all around movie this year is Serenity.

It’s got a compactness of plot that runs well, doesn’t seem to rushed, doesn’t seem to simple and yet not overly complicated.  The characters are just amazingly well thought out and they’re at least half the fun of the entire thing.  The script itself, the dialogue, is just awesome– it’s not meant to be strictly a comedy, it is a serious sci-fi adventure with lasers, blood and cannibals– but it does have it’s lighter side which makes everyone seem so beleivably human.  As an aspiring writer, I wish that *I* had written something like Serenity, that would have been something proud to hold under my belt.

Unfortunately I can’t say much about this movie without spoiling it because anything I say could be a highlight.  Lets just say that the commercial ad was total crap, it doesn’t let on a bit just how good this movie really is. 

On another note, I had the most unpleasant experience with a Tim Hortons donut. Well, actually, two of them.  I went to the Lakeshore Badminton Association meeting two nights ago to get RsM’s team signed up and to get details about how the league’s operation works and what not, and see, they had these free donuts.  So i hleped myself to two of them (i was only planning to eat one, but the meeting dragged on to be over 3 hours long so I had a second one).

When I got home, my stomach was racked with painful stabbity feelings.  Not pleasant. If you had asked me at about 2 am when I lay awake in bed, exhausted but unable to sleep, “How’s the diarheea?” I would have used what little strength I had left to try and kill you for your mockery.

Next morning was much the same thing, with me alternating from my bed and the washroom, until at about noon after force feeding myself bananas and gatorade (I have to have some form of nutrients) my body decided it was time for drastic measures, and that’s when I practically threw my head in the toilet and engaged in the most violent act of vomitting I’ll ever remember in my life.  I wasn’t just puking, I was *wretching*– it was horrifying that my strong abs were working completely involuntarily of my own concious commands.  I was puking so hard it tired by back muscles.  My eyes were watering uncontrollably and I was sweating from the sheer pressure and violence of the whole ordeal. Afterwards my throat was burning and felt as if it had been raped, from what I guess to be the stomach acid.  I don’t remember when exactly the last time I threw up, it must’ve been years upon years ago– but I don’t remember it being like *that*.  I have no idea how bolhemics can put up with that shit.  This is why there was no post on friday.  (Yeah, it took a case of minor ebola to keep me away from Xanga)

Those were some pretty nasty donuts.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with BadMedicine and she nursed me back to health with some strong onion soup and comfy sofas.  It’s about a day later now and I’m still not 100% in the digestive system, but I’m feeling a lot better and I’m trying to restock minerals, vits and protein by eating non-stop while I’m at work, since I have to go run my badminton club later this afternoon and it would be nice to log some games.

Seriously people, stay away from donuts.